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Beverly Bremers

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The United States is filled with residents and visitors who speak English, but have difficulty being understood because of a foreign accent. This is frustrating for all. Beverly Bremers has been teaching her accent reduction classes for the past 15 years to help foreign speakers with their pronunciation problems.

Based in Orange County, California, she has taught classes at UCI, IrvineAdult School, Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College, Learning TreeUniversity, and The University of California San Diego. She also gives private lessons at her home studio in Mission Viejo.

Beverly’s specialty is helping students with conversational speech pronunciations to ease the strain of being understood in everyday communication, both socially and in business. The classes are fun and informative, with the stress on listening skills and practice. Call Accent Reduction Pro at 949.874.0616 for more information.

Beverly Bremers has been teaching her Accent Reduction Pro courses for over 10 years both locally and internationally via Skype.